Meet Our Team

Mikuak Rai

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Wesley Wittkamper

Wesley began his career in Hollywood as a screenwriter and later as a director. He wrote and directed the social impact feature film “Making Change” which stars Steve Guttenberg, Ed Begley Jr, and Cam Gigandet. Wesley worked for the University of Southern California School of Cinema and Television where he consulted graduate students on their thesis projects. Wesley is also passionate about building communities. He cut his teeth in the 500 acre community of Koinonia which is known for being the birthplace of Habitat for Humanity. As a 21st century social engineer he currently turns online activism into off line communities believing that a rural setting in nature allows for more meaningful relationships and purposeful existence. He specializes in closed looped systems of renewable energy, water purification and permaculture. Wesley graduated from Bowdoin College with a bachelor of science.

Lis Hirano Wittkamper

I am a mother, an artist, a dreamer and a passionate activist who advocates for the vulnerable and innocent ones through love. My purpose in life is to support the new and older generations to live in harmony with themselves and our natural world. In my journey I learned how people are suffering when they felt separated from their true nature. I believe that healing, protection and self care are essential starting points in one’s journey to be present and grounded on Earth. And in Nature we find all the support we need to undertake this path.

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